High-pressure drain jetting, sometimes called “hydro jetting”, “hydroscrubbing”, or simply “jetting”, is a highly effective method for cleaning drain lines. Specialized equipment is used to scrub the inside of a pipe using pressurized water, removing buildup and debris from its entire length. Jetting is the preferred way to do preventative maintenance – it removes grease, sludge, scale, and sediment before they can cause a blockage.

These days, more plumbers are offering jetting, but SOS Drain Services has a superior method: hot-water jetting. Most plumbers have small jetting machines that can only use cold water. At SOS Drain Services, we have a self-contained “steam unit” truck which can carry 1,900 liters (500 gallons) of water to the site, heat it to nearly boiling, then pump it through our specialized hot-water jetter.

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Compared to regular jetting, hot-water jetting:

  • Penetrates and liquifies grease deposits, preventing them from causing clogs further down the drain line

  • Does a superior job of removing buildup inside pipes

  • Speeds up the jetting process, minimizing the amount of time spent in your busy facility

  • Melts through frozen drain lines

If you manage a restaurant, commercial building, multi-tenant residential building, or parkade, hot-water jetting will ensure that your drain lines continue to flow well.

SOS Drain Services offers a wide range of other commercial services:

  • Clog removal / clearing blockages for all types of fixtures, including sinks, floor drains, toilets, urinals, sanitary stacks, roof drains, parkade drains, and main lines

  • Video camera inspections of blocked or slow drain lines

  • Thawing of frozen parkade and catch basin drains

  • Vacuum truck cleaning of grease traps, interceptors, and parkade sumps, including a low-profile vacuum truck for accessing tight spaces

  • Emergency service and scheduled maintenance plans for businesses of all sizes

SOS Drain Services has been proudly providing Calgary with prompt, reliable, and affordable commercial drain cleaning since 1992. Whether you’re a small startup business or an established entity looking to reduce costs without reducing service quality, SOS Drain Services will be happy to serve your drain cleaning needs.



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