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Plumbing and Clogged Drain Services in Okotoks, Alberta

You use the drains in your home or business every day, and over time they can slow down or stop flowing altogether. SOS Drain Services provides fast, friendly, and affordable drain cleaning and plumbing services to get your drains flowing the way they’re supposed to.

Main Causes of Clogs

Drain clogs can have many different causes, but common clog culprits include:

  • Grease and oil from food and cooking
  • Tree roots
  • Foreign objects in drain pipes, particularly wipes and hygiene products (they may say they’re flushable, but they actually aren’t!)
  • Scale or mineral buildup, particularly in older homes with cast iron or galvanized steel pipes

How We Fix Clogged Drains

SOS Drain Services uses multiple techniques to clear and maintain drain lines.

Drain Augering

Drain augering or "snaking" is the main method we use to clear drains. We use powerful power augers that can grind through hundreds of feet of drain pipe and remove even the toughest clogs.


We offer hydro-jetting for large drains and drains with a lot of buildup. Hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to scrub debris off of pipe walls and flush it into the city sewer system. Jetting is particularly effective for removing grease buildup from kitchen drains.

Camera Inspection

Camera inspections are a non-invasive way to look deep into drain lines to identify problems and potential blockages. Once we know what's going on in the drain, we'll let you know if any maintenance or repair is required.

Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

If you have a pipe, faucet, or other fixture that’s leaking or having problems, our plumbers can fix the problem for you. We can also install new plumbing fixtures, including faucets, garburators, and hot water heaters.

Let SOS Drain Services Help You

We're a locally owned plumbing and drain services company that’s equipped to clean all types of residential or commercial drains. We’re proud to have provided excellent customer service since 1992, but don't just take our word for it! Check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, and HomeStars. 

We work with…

  • Homeowners
  • Renters and Tenants
  • Property Managers
  • Building Operators
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Restaurant Owners
  • And everyone else!

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